White Stork (Black Stork) is a research project intended to explore the contemporary relationship between humans and the White Stork/Black Stork[1] in the contexts of history, culture and place. It applies and plays with strategies of mythmaking, storytelling and narrative structures. It will be manifested through the building of a stork platform and a lecture performance.


[1] The White Stork was last seen nesting in Sweden in 1922. In 1989 the first White stork farm was opened in Skåne, Sweden, the same region in which the white bird also figures as a symbol for that very land. The farms (now there are four) are mostly run by volunteers that share “a dream of a flock of wild white storks in Skåne”. Each year an event is held where young white storks are released hopefully moving on towards Africa to then return the following year. Hundreds of visitors attend this event. Merchandise including stork feathers and t-shirts with the message “We believe in the Stork” are sold at these events.