HP is Emily Berry Mennerdahl and Jonas Böttern. Situated within a conceptual framework, HP explores tales of disappearances in the natural world and the interrelated socio-political narratives and existential emotions that arise through these tales. HP approaches its subject matter by embracing the absurd, the comedic, and the tragic. HP questions who should be saved and why?

HP’s works are manifested mainly as text, video, sound, and large site-specific installations. Performance lies at the core, and is explored through performative walks, lecture performances and time-based presentations. When a work does not involve a performance, it most likely involves a performative gesture in it’s making. 

HP explores the notion of an audience. An audience in movement, an audience that is not alive, an intimate audience, a large audience, and one that is not present. HP asks what is an audience and what can it be? 

HP tells stories. Stories of ecological collapses and failed symbiosis. Stories about birds. Colourful birds on the brink of extinction, birds killed in aeroplane crashes, birds that eat the dead. In their making, the bird stories expand into larger narratives. Narratives about the cycles of life, of being eaten and eating, and of dust. We are all stardust.

HP explores translation. Translating one matter into another. Translating text into music. And sound into text. Text into text. And movement into solidness. HP reflects on the need for materiality or a dispense with materiality. HP tries to make exhibitions that fit into a large suitcase. Unravelling the small into the large. Transforming the ephemeral into something and something into nothing.

HP thrives from collaboration, not only within its own entity but also with others. HP are not activists but explore they states of uncertainty and impermanence, alongside the absurdities and contradictions of life. HP considers how it moves in this world, what it brings into it, and why and how.

-HP, Stockholm, December 2022



HP’s videos are distributed by FilmForm - The Art Film and Video Archive and Vidéographe Montréal. Böttern and Berry Mennerdahl from HP are chair persons at NKF (Nordic Art Association) and Böttern is on the board for RISK(U). HP has taken part in artist residencies such at IASPIS (SE),Clark House Initiative-Mumbai, Box Autumn Studios at Galleri Box-Gothenburg, Banff Centre Canada, TCG Nordica Kunming-China as well as shown their works in exhibitions and screenings at amongst others Röda Sten konsthall, Dazibao Montréal, Galleri54 Gothenburg, Oberhausen Film Festival Germany, Bonniers Konsthall etc. They have been awarded grants from the Swedish Arts Council, Konstakademin as well as private stipends.

Hillside Projects CV

Emily Berry Mennerdahl (1980), holds an MFA in Studio Arts from Concordia University, Montréal (2009) and a B.A. (Hons) in Photography from Manchester Metropolitan University, UK (2004). Since returning to Sweden, she has participated in the Independent Study Programme at Valand Art Academy, Gothenburg (2009) and The Photographic Artist Book Postgraduate Course at The Royal Institute of Art Stockholm (2018). Berry Mennerdahl has taken part in residencies, screenings and exhibitions in, amongst other places, The Banff Centre, Articule Montréal, Excentris Montréal, Botkyrka Konsthall, and Urbis Centre. Berry Mennerdahl was a research assistant at Hexagram -Media Arts at Concordia University and has worked as a guest teacher on the BA Photography course at Manchester School of Art, MMU, UK (2010-2013) as well as the course PostMejan at The Royal Institute of Art Stockholm (2019-2024). She also works as a translator in the Arts and Culture Sector.

Jonas Böttern (1977) completed his MFA in Fine Arts at Konstfack - University of Arts, Crafts and Design, Stockholm (2016). Upon graduation from Konstfack, Böttern was awarded the honourable Principle Scholarship. Recently (2020), Jonas completed the postgraduate course Art in the Open at Konstfack. Before his studies at Konstfack, Böttern has participated in artist residencies in China and India and is self-taught with a background in painting and drawing. Travelling has always played a significant role in his artistic practice and continues to do so. In 2022, Böttern completed the postgraduate course The Photographic Artist Book - Performing Sustainability at The Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm and Sound in Interaction: Sound Art, Sound Architecture and Sound Design at Konstfack, Stockholm.