Hillside Projects just received the lovely news that they will be setting up office for six months at IASPIS international residency programme in Stockholm. More info to come!

March 2023

Hillside Projects are working on a new video work translating the ambulating lecture performance The Scavenger Collapse into a video work with the generous support of a project grant from IASPIS (The Swedish Arts Grants Committee).

“The Scavenger Collapse” is a performance lecture which departs from the history of the Indian vulture and a failed symbiosis. The story of the vulture is woven together with the many interconnected political layers through stories about food, hierarchies, fascism and death. ”

Video still from The Scavenger Collapse (working title)

February 2023

Hillside Projects’ video Searching for the European Roller is part of the festival PhotoKTM 5 in Kathmandu, Nepal organised by photo.circle and curated by the team Shristi Shrestha, Diwas Raja Kc, Prasiit Sthaoit, Irina Giri and Shikar Bhattarai together with artistic director NayanTara Gurung Kakshapti.

January 2023

During six weeks in January and February, Hillside Projects will be participating in the PhotoKTM 5 Residency at Jatayu Vulture Restaurant in Kawasoti, Nepal.



PhotoKTM in collaboration with Jatayu Vulture Restaurant and Bird Conservation Nepal (BCN) is pleased to invite lens based artists and educators for a 6-week residency based in Kawasoti, Nawalparasi.

Jatayu Vulture Restaurant is a community managed vulture restaurant. It is located in Kawasoti in Nawalparasi district in the buffer zone area of Chitwan National Park and was established in 2006. The estimated vulture population in Nepal in the 1980s was over one million. In the early 2000s, it was drastically down to around 20,000. Nine species of vultures are found in Nepal, among which four species – the white-rumped vulture, slender-billed vulture, red-headed vulture and Indian vulture – are listed as critically endangered, and others as highly threatened. The drastic decrease has been mainly attributed to the use of diclofenac which is used to treat animal disease. The Government of Nepal banned the use of diclofenac in 2006. The same year, Dhan Bahadur Chaudhary, a Kawasoti local, responded to the critical situation by establishing the first vulture restaurant and named it Jatayu Restaurant. This effort was supported by an organization called Bird Conservation Nepal (BCN). Jatayu buys old cattle such as cows and other livestock which have become an economic burden for the farmers and takes care of them until they die of natural causes. Then the carcass is fed to the vultures. The number of white-rumped vultures have significantly increased since 2014, largely thanks to Jatayu’s efforts. Learn more about Jatayu here.

PhotoKTM invites one lens based artist and one educator to spend 4 weeks in Kawasoti learning about vultures, community managed conservation models, resilience, loss and possibilities of regeneration at large. We invite applications from both individual artists as well as artist-educator duos. Participants can work independently but are highly encouraged to work collaboratively. The residency is designed to be a research residency and participants are not required to produce new work, but are welcome to share their findings and process during the opening week of PhotoKTM from 24 Feb – 2 March if they choose to do so. The residency will start in Kathmandu on 18th Jan 2023  where participants can settle in and prepare for 3-4 days, move to Kawasoti for 4 weeks and return to Kathmandu leading up to the opening week of PhotoKTM.

Below is a video still from video in the making Listening, to Kins, 2023

Video still from

December 2022

We are the happy and honoured recipients of a grant from Anna Kockums fond presented to us from Malmö konstmuseum.This grant will enable us to really explore and research what walking can be and become as a collective act that is art. In 2023 we will be walking along Österlenleden in the South of Sweden.

Thank you to Sara Rossling (Skåneleden Konst - Art in Motion) and Camilla Larsson (Mörby gård konst) for in separate previous instances encouraging us and supporting us in exploring collective performative and participatory walking with large groups.


Below image is from a participatory walk at Mörby Gård konst held during the summer 2022.

December 2022

Participating in this exciting day of presentations at UQAM in Montréal and in dialogue with Frédérique Laliberté about our video work at Searching for the European Roller, 2017. The video will also be screened. Very excited about this!

Autumn - 2022

So very happy to have received funding from Globus Upstart - Nordisk kulturfond and Kulturrådet to develop our project DEMOCRACY - THE ENDANGERED BIRD in collaboration with Clark House Initiative Mumbai.

DEMOCRACY - THE ENDANGERED BIRD is an ambulating program with presentations and performances with the artists Saviya Lopes, Yogesh Barve, Amol K. Patil and Arijit Bhattacharyya in Stockholm September 2023.

More info will come!!!!!

This project has been in the making of our minds for many years!

August - 2022

Deras lyckligaste dagar var de mörka och vidsträckta dagarna med regn at Mörby gård konst, curated by Camilla Larsson and in the great company of fellow artists Simon Blanck, Nisrine Boukhari, Leig Elggren, Ida Idaida, Barbara Kozlowska, Eva Mag, Astrid Svangren, Lotta Törnroth.

As part of this exhibition we lead two participatory walks in the beautiful landscape surrounding Mörby gård konst as well as exhibiting our book Again and Again We Ask These Questions. Please join us on the opening and finissage for a 2-hour walk.



June - 2022

Super happy to be part of the exhibition dhak dhak ho-hum ah eekff iii ie at Röda Sten Konsthall, curated by Amila Puzić & Mia Christersdotter Norman and together with artists Arijit Bhattacharyya and Julia Schuster. We have been commissioned to create three new site-specific works as well as three new installations of previous and ongoing works!

The exhibition will be up and running until 14 August and we will be presenting our performance Searching for the European Roller and an artist talk on the openingas well as a listening session on the finissage for our newly released record Can I Become a Vinyl When I Die, 2022

Röda Sten Konsthall

Film about the exhibition



January - 2022

# As part of the show A Toxic Relationship Hillside Projects perform Caring for Scavenger on six occasion at Galleri Verkligheten. Check out their web-site and book an appointment!

# A Toxic Relationship - a solo show at Galleri Verkligheten in Umeå, Sweden.

September - 2021

Hillside Projects are happy to lead another performativ walk on Vandringens dag 11 September as part of Konst in Motion - Skåneleden Konst.

Konst in Motion - vandringens dag

May - 2021

# Check out a recent artist talk between Hillside Projects and curator Riet van Gerven:

Riet van Gerven, curator SEA Foundation Tilburg/NL leads the artist talk with Hillside Projects (Stockholm/SE) on the occasion of their solo show “Memorial for the Lost” at DAS ESSZIMMER. Parallel to the exhibition at DAS ESSZIMMER, Hillside Projects are also present with the solo show THEY WHO WHERE at SEA Foundation.


# Taking part in an artist residency and exhibition at SEA Foundation in Tilburg, Netherlands. Presenting a new body of work They Who Were, 2021 and a performance The Scavenger Collapse, 2021.

29.02.21 - 05.06.2021


April - 2021

# Presenting a new installation You Were All Extinct Before You Were Born, 2021 together with a video installation Memorial for the Lost, 2021 in a solo-exhibition at Das Esszimmer - Raum fur Kunst in Bonn, curated by Sibylle Feucht. The exhibition will be up and running 12.04.21 - 05.06.2021. Artist talk at 7 pm on Friday 14 May.


March - 2021

# Hillside Projects are excited to have been selected to hold a three-hour performative walk in Skåne. Part of: Projekt Skåneleden Konst - In Motion and Kristianstad Konsthall.



# Participating in Editorial Board, a three-part series of writing workshops led by Anne Klontz and the Index team at Index Foundation Stockholm. During this workshop Emily made an attempt to create music out of a collection of books - The Artists’ Novels Bibliography by the Book Lovers part of the exhibition Editorial Thinking. http://indexfoundation.se/talks-and-events/workshop-editorial-board-3

December 2020 -

Happy to announce the premiere of our latest video Memorial for the Lost, 2020at Bonniers Konsthall. Curated by Caroline Elgh. The video can be viewed online at:



Memorial for the Lost is the second video in a trilogy that explores different angles on extinction. The first video, Again and Again We Ask These Questions, 2019 explores a collection of existential questions revolving around extinction. The second part is a memorial to those lost. The final part will explore the extinctions we do not mourn, such as children’s diseases, viruses and mosquitoes.

September 2020 -

Jonas Böttern is representing Hillside Projects during a one-week Box Autumn Studio residency in Bohuslän, Sweden, arranged by Henrik Sputnes & Gustav Lejelind at Galleri Box Gothenburg in collaboration with KKV Bohuslän and Gerleborgsskolan Bohuslän.


Saturday 3 October there is a public presentation.

Öppet Kl 12-16.
Presentation kl 14.00.

Under loppet av en arbetsvecka har KKV-Bohuslän och Gerlesborgsskolan med omnejd fungerat som en postdisciplinär studioyta för kunskapsutväxlingar i skärningsfältet mellan konst, design, dans och arkitektur. Deltagare från nämnda discipliner har givits i uppdrag att tillsammans utforska nya livsmönster för en hållbare framtid.

Medverkande studiomedlemmar:

Fanny Lindh

Jonas Böttern (Hillside Projects)

Maja Linnéa Wendel

Sara Nielsen Bonde

Siri Bahlenberg

Simon Gran Danielsson

Tuva Hildebrand


BOX Autumn Studio respektive BOX Summer Studio syftar till att skapa utväxlingar och samarbeten mellan aktörer med bakgrund inom konst, design, arkitektur och dans. I år har Box Summer Studio bjudit in Kajsa G Eriksson från den konstnärlig research studion Vague Research Studios och Therese Kristiansson från konst, design och arkitektursamarbetet MYCKET som gästföreläsare och workshopledare.

BOX Autumn Studio har inom ramen för veckan arrangerat en öppenföreläsning på Gerlesborgsskolan i Bohuslän med Fernando García-Dory från konstkollektivet INLAND. Samt genomfört research- och fältstudier tillsammans med Lena Falkheden och Marcus Nordgren.

Konceptet BOX Autumn Studio respektive BOX Summer Studio, har utvecklats av konstnären Gustav Lejelind och curatorn Henrik Sputnes. BOX Autumn Studio arrangeras 2020 som ett samarbete mellan KKV-Bohuslän, Gerlesborgsskolan i Bohuslän, Galleri BOX, Lena Falkheden och Bottnafjordens inköpsförening.

BOX Autumn Studio genomförs med kulturmedel från Göteborg Stad och Västra Götalandsregionen.

August 2020 -

We are very happy that our video Again and Again We Ask These Questions, 2019 is now also distributed by Vidéographe Montréal.


May 2020 -

# We are very excited to have the opportunity to invite and present the works of Clark House Initiative members Saviya Lopes, Yogesh Barve & Niccolò Moscatelli in the exhibition TASTELESS, ODOURLESS, NONETHELESS at ID:I Galleri Stockholm 22 May 2020 - 31 May 2020.

“The gallery doors stay closed. No entry. Quarantine. The space remains empty, alone, visible only through the thick glass of the window – sanitized, virtualized. Through its sheer visibility, the gallery becomes a liminal space and, walking this fine line, the artworks challenge the division between private and public space, between political and intimate.”


May 2020 -

# Happy to present the installation Your Deepest Desires Remain Unknown in the group exhibition WORKS ON PAPER at CASINOT XXH in Malmö.


February 2020 -

# Street performance Memorial For The Lost performed in Borivali East Mumbai in collaboration with Clark House Initiative. Forever grateful for collaborating participants Yogesh Barve, Saviya Lopez, Labdhi Doshi, Amol Patil, Mihir Wairkar.

Photo credit: Tushar Parab

This project was made possible with the generous travel grant from IASPIS (Swedish Arts Grants Committee) and Helge Ax:son Johnsons Stiftelse as part of an artist residency at Clark House Initiative.

January 2020 -

# Lecture performance and artist talk at Amedkar University Delhi, India. Performed and held by Böttern for the Master students in the Fine Arts Department.

January 2020 -

# Artist Residency at Clark House Initiative Mumbai. Böttern is taking part in an artist residency in Mumbai where he will be working on a project surrounding the destiny of vultures. He will be working within the archives at the BNHS (Bombay Natural History Society) together with Clark House Initiative.

Thank you to IASPIS at Konstnärsnämden (Swedish Arts Grants Committee) for their generous support through the International exchange and travel grant and Helge Ax:son Johnsons Stiftelse.


October 2019 -

# Thank you to Konstnärsnämden (The Swedish Arts Grants Committee) for awarding the one-year working grants to both Berry Mennerdahl and Böttern (Hillside Projects).

September 2019 -

# Searching for the European Roller, 2017 is selected to be screened at The Bideodromo International Experimental Film and Video Festival 2019 in Bilbao, Spain. September 16-24. Distributed by Vidéographe Montréal and FilmForm.

June 2019 -

# Biologiska Museets Vänner # Fåglar på Eric Ericssonhallen Stockholm

Happy to be part of an exciting programme on Birds curated by Biologiska Museets Vänner. Presenting a new intrepretation/version of the performance Searching for the European Roller. Welcome!


May 2019 -

# In Mid Air at Bångska Våningen Stockholm

Presenting some new work and a new/re-interpretation of a performance in a group exhibition with an exciting bunch of photorgraphers Erik Berglin, Weronika Bela, Fredrik Bjernelind, Jasmin Daryani, Ivar Hagren, Simon Skuteli and Johan Stenström

May 2019 -

# Platforms Project 2019 - Independent Art Fair - Athens

The objective of Platforms Project Athens is to map artistic action as it is produced in the context of collective initiatives by artists who decide to join forces in seeking answers to artistic questions by creating the so-called platforms.

Find us at ID:I Galleri’s booth


May 2019 -

# The Whole and it’s Parts (through an urbanistique lens) – Space52 Athens

Parallel event to Platforms Project 2019, Athens (GR)

Artists: Paolo Arao (US) Tim Claxton (SE) Åsa Ersmark (SE) Sibylle Feucht (GER) Hillside Projects (SE) JuJe (CA) Dan Lageryd (SE) Merzedes Sturm-Lie (SE) Alexander Mood (SE) Annelie Wallin (SE) Mathieu Valade (CA) Guido Winkler (NL)

Curated by Das Esszimmer

Performance: at 10pm, Searching for the European Roller by Hillside Projects (SE) Performed by Jonas Böttern, Hillside Projects

The Whole and it’s Parts through an Urbanistic Lens brings a broad range of positions and media together that deal with structural, formal and contextual questions, reflecting on relations as individuals and as groups with the Whole that can be understood as communities, societies, urban city structures, the Nature, the World. Despite the fact that through globalization the overall concept that everything and everybody is somehow tied together has become a common ground, life feels more and more fragmented and lost in detail. The one-night exhibition tries to focus on the parts of our lives that form a whole.

Opening: starts at 9 pm Space52, Kastorias 52, Athens 104 47.


Böttern performing Searching for the European Roller with the aid of Alex Mood

May 2019 -

# Again and Again We Ask These Questions screened at 65th International Short Film Festival Oberhausen

Several new titles in Filmform distribution catalogue will be presented in the programme Filmform News 2019 at the International 65th Short Film Festival Oberhausen in Lichtburg Filmpalast, Oberhausen on May 3th. Anna-Karin Larsson, executive director at Filmform, will be introducing the screening.

View an excerpt: https://www.filmform.com/works/4805-again-and-again-we-ask-these-questions/


April 2019 -

# Is This the End? at ID:I Galleri Stockholm

Hillside Projects & Jonas Holmer: IS THIS THE END? 12 april - 5 maj 2019

Vernissage: fredag 12 april, 17-20

Öppettider: tors-fre 12-18, lör-sön 12-16

Kulturnatten 27 april, öppet 18-24

Föreläsning Mörk Materia med Timo Menke 2 maj, 18-19

Is This the End? är en utställning med Hillside Projects (Emily Berry Mennerdahl & Jonas Böttern) tillsammans med Jonas Holmer. Manade av samtida händelser i och omkring naturen, används performativa och poetiska metoder för att tala om de levande och olevande, hopp och hopplöshet, ljus och mörker. I en mörkblå rymd visas video, ljud och en bok samt arrangerade kvällar med läsningar och musikaliska åkallelser.


Video still from Again and Again We Ask These Questions, 2019


# April 18, Kulturnatten Stockholm 2019. Welcome to a night of performances and audiovisual experiences presented by Hillside Projects at ID:I Galleri. 8-12 pm.


February 2019 -

# Solo exhibition Why Did You Leave? at Galleri 54 Gothenburg


Lecture performance with Hillside Projects 15th of February at 7pm

Panel discussion between Mikael Olofsson and Jonas Böttern in the gallery, 16 Feb at 1 pm

Photo credit: Henrik Zeitler

January 2019 -

# Screening of Searching for the European Roller at 32. Stuttgarter Filmwinter - Festival for Expanded Media 17.-20.01.2019

View an excerpt: https://www.filmform.com/works/4785-searching-for-the-european-roller/


January 2019 -

Screening of Tensta Konsthall - Dåtid. Nutid. Samtid, a film by Jonas Böttern and Salad Hilowle at Biografen Zita Folkets Bio Stockholm


December 2018 -

# Tensta Konsthall - Dåtid. Nutid. Samtid screening at Tensta Konsthall as part of a programme celebrating 20 years as an exhibition space.

Tensta Konsthall - Nutid. Dåtid. Samtid är ett ca 30 minuter långt dokumentärfilmsporträtt som skildrar Tensta Konsthall. Filmen följer tre nyckelpersoner med olika kopplingar till konsthallen. Genom samtal med dessa personer gör filmen nedslag i Tensta konsthalls mångskiftande historia. Det är en berättelse som präglas av alla de människor som har varit och är engagerade i konsthallen men även en historia om Tensta som plats. Om en konsthall som är i absolut framkant med att visa både nationell och internationell samtidskonst på högsta nivå. Om en kreativ drivkraft som flätas samman med en ambition att bredda konstpubliken, både geografiskt men också kulturellt. Sida vid sida, har konsten och Tensta förenats i en mötesplats med stark lokal förankring.


November 2018 -

Literary Event – Photography books in Sweden past future at Institut Suedóis in Paris

Literary Event - Hillside Projects



As part of the post-MA programmeThe Photographic Artist’s Book: Dissemination in a Digital Landscape at the Royal Institute of Arts in Stockholm our recent publications are exhibited alongside many other exciting artist books during Landskrona Fotofestival.

Landskrona Fotofestival - Hillside Projects

Photo credit: Simon Blanck

Raum fur Kunst – DAS ESSZIMMER. Video screening /#1 Sunday 17 June 2018, 5pm. Dan Lageryd (SE), Hillside Projects (SE), Alexander Mood (SE), Tim Claxton (SE)

June 2018, Hillside Projects are now distributed by FILMFORM THE ART FILM & VIDEO ARCHIVE SWEDEN

FILMFORM - Hillside Projects

Crum Heaven 31 May – 9 June 2018. Video screenings all week at Högbersggatan 38 Stockholm. Tuesday 5th of June, Salad Hilowlie presents a selection of video works including Hillside Projects.

Crum Heaven - Hillside Projects

Two new artist books Again and again we ask these questions and WHY DID YOU LEAVE? exhibited in the library of The Royal Academy of Fine Arts Stockholm. Part of an exhibition of artist books created within the one year course PAB - Photographic Artists’s Books - Dissemination in a Digital Landscape at Royal Institute of Art Stockholm. Welcome to the opening 24 May 2018 5-8 pm.

Artist book - Hillside Projects

PLATFORMS PROJECTINDEPENDENT ART FAIR ATHENS, Hillside Projects present Searching for The European Roller with ID:I Galleri Stockholm together with Alexander Moon, Helen Phersson, Mona Petersson, Johanna Schartau, Gabriella Carlsson, Marjolaine Lombard, Johan Wiking. 17-20 May 2018

Platforms Project - Hillside Projects

We are happy to announce that Searching for the European Roller is now distributed by Vidéographe. Established in 1971 in Montréal, Vidéographe is an artist-run centre dedicated to the research and dissemination of moving image practices including experimentation in video art, animation, digital arts, documentary, essay, fiction and dance video. Check out Vidéographes web-site for their archive of exciting video works!

Vidéographe logo - Hillside Projects

ID:I and TwoChange present Alienationen, art video festival at ID:I Galleri Stockholm. Wednesday 27th of December 2017, 6 pm. Hillside Projects video Searching for the European Roller is included in the program.

The exhibition Searching for the European Roller at Dazibao, Montéal is reviewed in Le Devoir libre de penser.

Rutiga Golvet, E2-E4. “Now What? (Part 1): Lives of the Artists’ Book” at Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm with Benjamin Thorel, Lars Bang Larsen and Björn Larsson. Emily will present our ongoing work on a publication as part of the course The Dissemination of the Photographic Artist Book in a Digital Landscape.

Hillside Projects are presenting the installation and video Searching for the European Roller at Dazibao - Èditions, Images, Expositions in Montréal alongside artists Lisl Ponger and Hubert Caron-Guay. Opening 19th of October 7 pm. Performance lecture by Hillside Projects at 6.30 pm. Exhibitions runs until the 16th of December 2017.
Dazibao presskit .pdf

Exhibition Looking for a Bird by Hillside Projects at ID:I Galleri Stockholm 5 – 12 October 2017. Welcome to a performance lecture and opening at 6 pm 5 October. http://www.elia-artschools.org/Activities/neu-now

Searching for the European Roller, exhibition and performance lecture at Neu Now Festival, Westergasfabriek, Amsterdam 14-18 September 2016 http://artdaily.com/news/90059/NEU-NOW-returns-with-the-newest-talents-from-Europe-and-beyond-#.WmH0HZM-dPM

Showing The Absent Performer in the group exhibition Fotografiets Ömsint Vårdande Blick curated by Svante Larsson at Centrum för Fotografi in Stockholm. 1-12 June 2016

June 2016. Jonas Böttern is awarded Rektorsstipendiet (The deans grant) from Konstfack University of Arts, Crafts and Design Stockholm] from Den Nordiska Första S:t Johannislogens Jubeleumsfond.

Northern Light Conference – Landscape Photography and Evocations of the North at Sheffield Hallam University 4-5 July 2016. Hillside Projects are presenting the performance lecture Searching for the European Roller.