Again and Again We Ask These Questions considers all species, cultures, and lifeways that are no longer in existence or are being driven towards extinction. It commemorates and reaches out to those lost and those threatened.

Emily from Hillside Projects repeatedly reads a collection of questions and short statements. The texts are of existential nature and printed on newsprint. The newsprint will, over time, turn yellow, and the ink will fade. The texts read by the performer are also pasted to the walls and floors in the exhibition space.

The arrangement of the performative reading, together with a synthetic organ soundscape and the paper pasted walls, forms the narrative driver of the work. Again and Again We Ask These Questions speaks of an attempt to figure something out, of dedicatedly trying to make sense of that which is lost.

Direction & script: Hillside Projects
Videographer: Giorgos Chloros
Sound: Jonas Holmer
Music: Jonas Holmer & Hillside Projects
Distributed by: FilmForm – The Art Film & Video Archive and Vidéograph Montréal