Listening, to Kins is a performance of listening to 279 vultures. Seated on a chair, one member from Hillside Projects actively listens to a wake of vultures’ tumultuous feast on a carcass, a macabre yet tender act of eating and being eaten. The performance took place on 25 January 2023 at Jatayu vulture restaurant in Kawasoti.

Listening, to Kins explores the act of listening to the vultures as a way to find kinship. The sounds from the feast: hissing, kicking and flapping are transcribed into words resulting in onomatopoetic* subtitles accompanying the video - a narrative created by the vultures themselves.

Listening in wild places, we are audience to conversations in a language not our own.” - Robin Wall Kimmerer

This video is being produced through the generous support of and during a residency at PhotoKTM5 at Jatayu vulture restaurant in Kawasoti organised by Nepal