Searching For The European Roller is a lecture performance that has been manifested in a large number of varying formats in response to the context in which it takes place e.g. arts festivals, research seminars, gallery spaces, universities, and site-specific responses within archives and institutions.

The project was initiated in 2015 and maps the life, movement and disappearance of the blue bird, The European Roller. The lecture continues to evolve and experiments with performative methods and different adaptations of the original narrative. Most recently it includes only one performer rather the original two.

In 2019-2020 Searching For The European Roller has been presented in the Arts Department at Ambedkar University Delhi, in the exhibition The Whole and it’s Parts through an Urbanistic Lens curated by Sibylle Feucht, at Galleri 54 Gothenburg and at Bångska Våningen Stockholm.

Photo credit: Sibylle Feucht