A lecture performance experimenting with the format of a sermon and set within the walls of a deconsecrated church. The performance addresses the history of a red-listed bird and traces its movement after having abandoned its previous habitat, setting off southwards. It looks at local re-introduction schemes and their desires to return the bird to its former nesting sites in the south of Sweden. The travels of the bird are juxtaposed with the choreography and movement of the performers and their relationship with the audience whilst asking questions such as;

Who belongs where? Do we need you back? Will you be coming back?

Performed as part of Biologiska Museets Vänners event # Fåglar at Eric Ericssonshallen, Stockholm. Eric Ericssonshallen was previously known as Skeppsholmskyrkan and was consecrated in 1842. In 2001 it was deconsecrated.

Sermon (for a bird) is a readaptation of the previous work Searching For The European Roller, 2015-2019. It intends to begin to leave behind the lecture format, moving towards a more performative nature.

Photo credit: Weronika Bela